Saturday, January 26, 2013

Why John Cena Sucks.

 Well, I'd like to official Thank you for reading my first blog post, the goal is to update this  constantly with topics. They're mostly going to be at things that are of the highest level of importance, which means Sports, Wrasslin', Vidya Games, and Music. Duh.

         I wanted to start off my blog with something I get asked a lot by people, and specifically my girlfriend and I've never been able to put it into words till' now. Especially with him being the rumored winner of this Rumble. Before I get into my tangent on a scripted television show, I'd like to get into a quick back-story about how I got back in wrestling. I waited until 11 days to get my flight to MLGs 2008 opener, what a choke,  and prices were around a cool thousand dollars. Now I'm ballin' and shit, complete lie, but I was like hol' up hol' up hol' up I'll go to the next event it's k. So I had all this money that was now just sitting there. Speaking of sitting, I was sitting watching ESPN when an ad came on from Dish Network about ordering WrestleMania 25 "The GranDaddy of them all". It made me feel all nerdy inside, a couple days later I say Randy Orton kiss Stephanie McMahon after RKO'in' her and was like, awwww shit bruh. I'm getting this, which I did.
That's Stephanie McMahon man!

            As I'm watching the event with my friends, I'm having a blast (Thank you Taker' & Shawn. I cannot put into words how it made all of us watching feel like kids again) and I notice John Cena is getting a lot of booes. Was weird to me (Little did I freakin' know) because he was the face of the company and I started slowly watching more and more I would quickly notice why: Get ready for to Rise Above Da Hate with what I'm about to say:
  1. In a world of spray tan, wrestling boots, and wrestling tights. This dude finds a way to look completely ridiculous, literally lookin' like a bowl of fruity pebbles. 
  2. He's the only "face" of the WWE or any wrestling promotion that has gotten booed in the history of wrestling, unbelievable accomplishment superman! & that whole "Nobody get's a more emotional reaction than John Cena!" is a complete farse. That's not good that you get booed, not at all.
  3. His matches are all the same, all those "classic" matches he has had were when he was being carried.
  4. Every notice after someone cuts a great promo he'll answer back with "Fine Speech" which in the real world is the equivalent to "I know you are but what I'm I?"
  5. He is very passionate about his fans and how he doesn't care that their kids or women, but then he'll cut a promo making fun of "hardcore fans" eh, just keep it constant kid.
  6. Remember when he told The Rock that "he was here when it wasn't so popular to be in the WWE" Yeah, because there is no direct correlation of him being the "face" of the company and the WWE being at it's lowest height of popularity. None at all. 
  7. The only other time I've seen so many Make-A-Wish videos is when ESPN runs those Make-A-Wish story segments on SportsCenter. Why is it that he's the only guy in Wrestling, Sports, Music, Movies etc. that constantly get these segments played. Plenty of other 'superstars' in the company do these as well and they don't have 5 minute self-loathing videos about it. 
  8. I call this the 'Lance Armstrong', as in whenever everyone else starts pointing fingers at you for being an asshole, more than likely you're a asshole, but I'm just a guy behind a keyboard so what do I know. Pure speculation.
  9. He claims to love the company, didn't he become a wrestler because he couldn't become a body builder or some crap? He loves to claim to carry the companies white flag, but if he were to retire or get fired what the hell else would he do? Be a guest star on USA and Disney shows for 3 years till' that wouldn't work anymore? 
  10. Which was always annoying when he tried to talk trash about The Rock for leaving and making Tooth Fairy, that movie did better than his whole movie career so I mean put it in perspective man.....
  11. He's a big reason if not the leading reason teenagers and guys in that 18-49 demographic look at wrestling and go "it's so gay and fake" didn't hear that in the 90s tell you that much.\
  12. He can't cut a promo. He just can't. 
  13. He's a rapper? Nah, he's a suburban kid from Massachusetts, out of places, that probably played 2nd string O-Line at some community college.
  14. Hustle, Loyalty, Respect? Didn't he get a divorce and cheat on his wife? Yeah, that's his personal life and who I'm I to know what he did or what happened and he wasn't the first or last guy to do that but things like the last two things I mentioned play a huge role in the whole "dude is a phony" but I mean it's WWE it's supposed to be fake though right?
  15. The whole mantra that people guy and enjoy booing him, when I go to events I go to be entertained and have fun. I boo because he's boring and I'd like to move on to the whole "fun" part. 
  16. When he's serious he just yells.
  17. He likes to use arguments like "I never lose" which is cool and all except for that fact that it's professional wrestling. 
  18. "Super-Cena"
  19. The amount of PPVs he headlined this year, gimme' a fuckin' break. Excuse my language ya'll!
  20. Why is he always calling his spots in the most obvious ways?
  21. His Boston accent when in the Rock feud, lol. Bruh, cut that sh*t out.
  22. When he jumped on the Zack Ryder bandwagon to get more fans. Awh poor Zack man he had a bandwagon. 
  23. The majority of his fans haven't fully developed a brain yet, I win this argument Internet World.
  24. It's like 4:08am I can't sleep and can't think of any more right now, sorry. 
Do me a favor show this to anyone that doesn't watch 
wrestling and please tell me their reaction to that promo.
Starts at the 2 hour and 8 minute mark.
     In short, he just isn't that very good. I had no background on why the IWC hated him, I thought he was that mega star and just by watchin' it's painfully obvious. If he wins the Royal Rumble and then faces Rock for the title at Mania' I'll stop watching for a while most likely. & I don't mean to post this as "Internet Bad Ass over here, take that WWE" it's just this past year was painfully excruciating to watch. This headlining PPVs vs. Kane/Big Show/John L. while CM Punk is facing guys like Daniel Bryan for the title in the middle of the card? Nah, dude. Just straight up no. Especially when guys like CM Punk kept' that male demographic watching.........

I could keep going, but it's all good. Thank you for reading, really do appreciate. Be sure to vote on the poll and post comments about this whether you agree or disagree. Thanks guys, I'll be posting a little Rock/Punk preview Sunday Morning before the big event hopefully. Get hyped!

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